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I have given it a lot of thought over the past year, and have decided to make a switch from posed newborn photography, to more of a lifestyle newborn photography.

When I decided to make the switch from studio to lifestyle photography, I left my idea of perfection at the door.  I would no longer get the image of all five family members, including the baby, smiling and looking at the camera.  No longer would there be perfectly framed, perfectly exposed, perfectly propped on the perfect prop. 😉    My images portrayed real life, with raw emotion.

Making this change feels like I am being true to who I am as a photographer.  There are no beanbags, no slaving over trying to achieve the perfect pose, no backdrops, no crazy props, no hot hot studios/home to wait around in, no feeling like a giant failure because after four hours of shushing, swinging, feeding, burping and sweating like crazy and STILL you still couldn’t achieve the perfect pose.  For me, making the switch just makes sense, in all other aspects of my photography I strive to capture the in-between moments. So this will allow me to focus my energy on capturing those first moments of baby at your home, doing whatever it is you want to do.

Posed newborn photography is absolutely beautiful and there are some amazing photographers out there that do it so so well.  So if you are after a posed newborn photographer I am happy to send you some of my top recommendations!!

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are typically very unposed and focus on the relationship between family members rather than getting everyone looking and smiling at the camera. When I photograph a newborn session in your home I heavily focus on the relationship between the parents, siblings and pets.   We will take photo’s all over your home, including your family room, nursery, and master bedroom.

There are some downsides to a lifestyle newborn photography session, however.  Probably the biggest disadvantage is having to pick up your house.  I mean, you just had a baby 7 days ago!    The last think you want to think about is decluttering your end tables!  But I PROMISE you won’t like the way they look in photos if there is a glass of water, a box of tissues and a stack of books sitting there.

Having your photo session take place in your home provides a level of intimacy and a personal touch to your lifestyle images that might be missing from your studio session.   Imagine having images of baby in her own nursery or snuggling with Mama in their favourite chair.   Documenting beloved books, toys and that surely wonderful wardrobe some babies acquire before they are even here!  These small details made your newborn’s photos even more special for years to come!

I still have mama’s booked for studio sessions but don’t you worry I will still honour our studio time together and get those adorable squishy photo’s that you love!  I look forward to meeting my new wee little clients this year!

xo  Dayna

winnipeg photograher_0098

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