Winnipeg Newborn Photographer | Introducting Olivia

I just adore being a Newborn Photographer. I truly get to witness nothing but love when I’m working… Parents that are completely overjoyed with their new little baby, Grandmothers that are so involved & sometimes even take part in their grandchild’s session, and entire families coming together to celebrate these new little lives. It’s just something really amazing to see such immense love created by these tiny little souls, mere days old. It’s such a privilege to be a small part of it all.

Introducing sweet little Oliva, one very lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family to welcome her. ♥

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Winnipeg Newborn Photographer


Winnipeg Newborn Photographer | Elijah

Its always an honor when a fellow photographer friends asks you to photographer their newborn baby. Tracey of Tracey Kiansky Photography and her husband Jon welcomed their baby boy Elijah Gray on February 25th 2015. Congratulations to you both! Enjoy every minute with your new bundle! They grow up so fast!

I feel so honoured every single time a client hires me to capture their precious memories, that they trust me with such enormous responsibility is a true privilege.  But I think it feels even more so with a newborn.  Brand new babies change so much so quickly, the fact that parents hand over their days-old child & trust me to preserve the memories that go fleeting by at lightning speed, well, it overwhelms me.  I hope that, as the months & years pass, and the sleep deprivation slowly fades, all of my clients can look back at their photographs and remember just how tiny their newborns felt in their arms.  I hope they remember the sound of their baby’s breathing in a deep sleep.  I hope they instantly remember the sweet sweet smell of their baby’s perfect little head.  It all goes by so fast and all that we have left to remember this time with, is our memories.

This “job” is so much more than just a job to me.  ♥

Winnipeg Newborn Photographer Winnpieg Jets
Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

 Winnipeg Newborn Photographer


Winnipeg Newborn Photographer | Greta

Introducing Miss Greta! Although she was introduce to the world a few months back!  I know, I know….I told you I’m a bit behind! But seeing these newborn sessions again, months after you have taken the photo’s is like seeing them again for the first time! These newborns I am so lucky to photography are just the sweetest!  I can’t get enough of them!

So much love surrounds this baby girl! What a gift she was to Mom & Dad and her two big brothers!  A daughter and sister they always wanted!  This is one of my favourite sessions and I’m so happy Greta’s mom Kasandra asked me to take these photo’s. Kasandra (who is the florist behind Purple Peony – Wedding & Event Florals) came to her session with one of the most beautiful greenery & floral garland.  It was stunning and I’m so pleased with the outcome!  Having Greta pose on her mom’s bible with her mom’s favourite verse was also very special.   I know that photo will be cherished forever. We also can’t forget her classic Hudson Bay Company Blanket! Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl! Enjoy the photo’s! Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

Winnipeg Newborn Photographer floral wreath
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Winnipeg Cake Smash Photographer | Quinton turns one!

I’m on a roll here!

This is the 3rd session blogged this week!  Unfortunately computer time doesn’t get to happen that often. I want to thank all my clients for their patience as I play catch up!  Shout out to my little man Declan who turns 6 today! Hey, maybe there will be a 4th post dedicated to this super awesome, loving, sweet boy who’s growing up way to fast!

Speaking of time flying by one year has passed since Quinton’s  newborn session!  This little man came by for his 1 year cake smash and he totally rocked it!  He loved his cake and was having the best time stuffing his face!  It was great!   Enjoy the pics! Winnipeg Cake Smash Photographer

Winnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash PhotographerWinnipeg Cake Smash Photographer


Winnipeg Newborn Photographer | Harlow

I am sure this was one of the sweetest shoots in all Winnipeg Newborn Photography – Harlow. One thing I love about lifestyle sessions are the nursery rooms. With all the amazing vendors out there on Etsy, you can create such a beautiful space in your home for your new baby. Harlow’s Mom & Dad put in so much time to build her nursery and it turned out beautifully! Harlow herself was a total doll during her photoshoot and I hope to see her again soon (which I will cause she lives only a few doors down from me!) I know she is already growing up so fast! I’m looking forward to seeing her grow up and learn to ride her bike and all those exciting things that have happened with so many other little kids on our street. Congratulations J&S and big brother Taco on your baby girl! Thanks for letting me capture this exciting time for you.  Winnipeg Newborn Photographer



Winnipeg Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Maicie

What’s the best way to make up for absent blogging? By sharing a super awesome lifestyle newborn shoot with you of course!Winnipeg Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Introducing Maicie! She was a little peanut weighing only 5lbs.  Her early arrival worked out well for this lifestyle session.  She was WIDE away.  No sleep insight for 4 hours!!!  But, she was happy as can be.  So content just staring at me while I was snapping away at her.  Her tiny little features and her BIG brown eyes.  Congratulations to her happy parents!Winnipeg Newborn Lifestyle Photographer
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Winnipeg Newborn Lifestyle Photographer
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